Tarango, working with women and jute

Kim and Joyce from Telford College and Cardonald pointed me to Tarango, an non government organisation working for training, assistance and rural advancement of disadvantaged women. See http://www.tarango-bd.org/ for more information. Currently the organization reaches over 12000 women and their families through 3 main programs on Entrepreneurship, organizational development and Handicrafts.

I visited their offices in Mirpur, central Dhaka, to meet Ms. Kohinoor Yeasmin, the chief executive officer. We had a long conversation about difficulties women face in Bangladesh and I saw the product range including the quality control section and the bag sewing section. The products are mainly made of jute and recycled cement bags, are all made for export and sell through various shops, from Marks & Spencer to Heals, and to other outlets internationally. Tarango is always looking for designers to work with and we discussed the possibility of students from Falmouth maybe coming to do an internship. There is enormous potential with Jute products so I am sure there will be interesting developments where designers can use jute to innovate and experiment.

Please note the copyright for all the pictures and videos posted on the blog and flickr belong to Ismini Samanidou and Gary Allson and may not be used without permission

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  1. Josie

    Ismini! This sounds so interesting, really looking forward to hearing about it all when you get back.

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