one day tourist: part B Dhaka sites

In the afternoon we returned to Dhaka and made a dash round town to see Dhaka University, (or Oxford of the East), the Mughal Palace Lalbagh Fort, the Dhakeswari Temple Shankharia Bazar (Hindu Street), Ahsan Manzil (Pink Palace), Sadarghat (River front) and Star Mosque. My favourite part of the afternoon was when we went on a walk in Old Dhaka and got to try pan, see how all families live together in one room (Old Dhaka is the most overpopulated are in Bangladesh), went on the roof to see the young boys flying kites, and the monkeys jumping from one building to another. I knew I would have to re read everything Massum was telling me so I kept taking photographs (465 in total).

I will update this entry with more facts in the next few days, till then enjoy the richness and colour of Bangladeshi culture!

Please note the copyright for all the pictures and videos posted on the blog and flickr belong to Ismini Samanidou and Gary Allson and may not be used without permission

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