Gold patterns and shadows

Koi (pronounced koui) is a type of pop rice tasting very much like pop corn. The rice is heated in hot sand and once it pops it is laboriously sifted 3 times and carefully cleaned. It is group work with all women working together to ensure the koi is free of sand or rice shells. Different bamboo sifts are used in each part of the process. The sun was shining through the sift making beautiful shadows and I tried recording them on my notebook. The crumpled paper made the shadows into distorted line patterns, a great visual source for textile designs!

Please note the copyright for all the pictures and videos posted on the blog and flickr belong to Ismini Samanidou and Gary Allson and may not be used without permission



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2 responses to “Gold patterns and shadows

  1. Lizzie

    oh ismini i love this!
    i’ve been interested in shadows for ages. if you’re interested, there’s loads of stuff on my blog when i went mad over it.

    if you go to my blog ( then select the label: absences, negatives, versos in the right hand column, then scroll back to about january 2008 (a post called ‘three noteworthy shadows’). from there until about june 2008 there’s all sorts.

    unfortunately this way you’ll have to scroll through loads of other stuff too (including the beginnings of things on clouds!) but it’s the best way to see all of the posts.

    and if you get some time try to read this if you haven’t already. very beautiful…
    In Praise of Shadows by Junichiro Tanizaki

    now… i have a day in my studio! off to try and make some stuff!
    see you so soon

    • hi lizzie
      thanks for your comment! will definatelly have a look at shadows on your blog too. In Praise of Shadows is one of my favourite books! looking forward to talking about clouds and shadows when I get back next week! xxx Ismini

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