12 hours with Masud

A very special day with Masud and his family. A privilege to experience true Bangladeshi hospitality including delicious breakfast, amazing lunch, seeing photographs with the beauties of Indian palaces and learning bangla names for colours.

The afternoon was devoted to visual arts in Bangladesh, with a visit to the Bengal Gallery of Fine Arts for a preview of the subtle and  beautiful paintings of Kazi Ghiyasuddin. We also met the director of the Bengal Foundation and I heard about the projects and workshops they are developing in the arts. I will be visiting the offices next week so I will post more information then. For more details see http://www.bengalfoundation.org/

We also visited Britto Arts Trust, an artist led non profit organisation set up in 2002 in Dhaka. They organise a series of exhibitions, events, workshops and residencies. We met founding members Mahbubur Rahman and

Tayeba Begum Lipi and discussed their past projects, art and textiles. Some past UK artists who have worked on a residency with Britto is textile artist Freddy Robbins and glass artist Kamini Chauhan. UK arists Steven Follen and Thurle Wright, are travelling to Dhaka next week for a month residency and I look forward to be meeting them next weekend at the Britto centre. For more information see http://www.brittoarts.org/

A big than you to Masud Hossain, the head of Climate, Culture and Citizenship at the British Council for a great day of Bangladesh hospitality and inspirational discussions.


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