Aarong design studio and outlet

Following a day of production centre visits for Aarong, I was invited to do a presentation of my work to the textile design team at the Aarong design studio in Dhaka. The talk to a small group of designers was followed by a discussion on what the future for textiles and design may be, considering the trends for high craft in the West and the production facilities I saw the previous day. I also had a chance to visit the design studio and see the select craftspeople working with embroidery in the sampling section. The design studio works with 57 designers working on all aspects of textile, fashion and product development. I had a chance to visit the Gulshan outlet with some of the designers, and had some time to browse and even try a sari! I will update information on the day next week but I am sharing some photographs from my visit straight away!

for more information on Aarong visit http://www.brac-aarong.com/contactus.php

Please note the copyright for all the pictures and videos posted on the blog and flickr belong to Ismini Samanidou and Gary Allson and may not be used without permission


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