sniffles and fashion talk

Our goodbyes the next morning were very quick, I was not allowed in the airport and had to pay an extortionate 200Tk to enter the building as a visitor, only to discover I couldn’t go beyond the baggage check, a few meters from the front door (something to keep in mind if you are seeing someone off in Dhaka).

My cold was getting worse so I stayed in the hotel most of the afternoon, and later in the evening met with Jihan. Jihan originally studied law in London, and since her return to Dhaka has worked as an entrepreneur in the fashion industry and currently writes for Canvas, a local fashion and lifestyle magazine.. Her new venture is a collaboration with a Vietnamese pattern cutter and fashion designer designing bespoke garments for the local market. Jihan has thoroughly researched the market and possibilities in Bangladesh, and we had an interesting conversation about fashion and design, especially on issues of garment production quality and skills, an area Jihan and her partner are focusing with their craftsmen.


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  1. get well soon. I really am enjoying your blog, the pictures especially, I love all the textile subjects, weaving is really universal, Rosemary

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