Private College visits

A visit to 3 private colleges that teach textile engineering reinforced the importance of textile industry for Bangladesh. All the colleges we sawhave over 1200 students in their course and they all graduate to jobs in industry. The lecturers have mostly studied Textile Engineering and Technology, some in the UK at UMIST and Leeds. Our conversations on design were often confused, and seemed to cross wires, a little like the telephone wires everywhere in Dhaka. Design is taught under their Fabric Structure and Design Module, which translates to understanding certain weave structures, a very different notion to design training in the UK. All the colleges were very keen to establish links with UK colleges, and are considering including textile design training in their curriculum in the future. The facilities were basic and it was clear the machines are just used for demonstration purposes and not to produce or work on for extended periods of time. A very different approach to UK colleges, where students are encouraged to design through making.

Please note the copyright for all the pictures and videos posted on the blog and flickr belong to Ismini Samanidou and Gary Allson and may not be used without permission


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2 responses to “Private College visits

  1. Tim Lake

    Hello Ismini,
    I have Gary standing next to me and we thought we would send you a message from wet and cold Falmouth.
    Hello! Hope you day has been good and you are having a pleasant evening.
    So much to look at on your blog, loads of great images and scenes.
    Take care and I look forward to catching up with on your return.

    • hi Tim and Gary and mark if he is there! great to hear from you and thanks for commenting on the blog! did you see the pics of Gary playing cricket? ask him about it. very much looking forward to seeing you in february! its warm but foggy here and got stuck in traffic for 5 hours today coming back from a weaving pocket in north dhaka. will put pics up later!
      much love xxxx ismini
      give gary a squeeze for me

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