Our visit to Prabatana was a joy, we met Shahid H Shamim, the director of Prabartana and the president of the National Craft Council of Bangladesh. Prabartana is in the Mohammadpur district on the 4th floor overlooking the park. The shop is on two levels and the restaurant is on the top floor with great views over the park. We recommend the restaurant for its delicious food and addictive sweet tea, a secret blend of cinnamon, ginger and cloves, we will certainly be back for more! see

Shamim has a broad knowledge of hand weaving production of Bangladesh, and all the fabrics in his shop are hand loomed. Cultural responsibility, ethical production and sustainability are at the heart of Prabartana’s brand. We also discussed the importance of design in the development of a successful business model, and Shamim told us about his collaborative design company called Motif ltd where most products are developed from recycled materials.

We will be visiting Parabartana’s textile production unit at Tangail on the 4th of January where we will see lots of weaving hurray!

Gary got a lunghi, a sarong mainly used by men indoors or if you are a rickshaw driver outdoors. The waiters in the restaurant at our hotel were keen to demonstrate the correct knotting technique to keep the lunghi in position (underwear is not necessary, a little bit like a kilt)

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