1st colour workshop at CTET

Our first workshop at College for Textile Engineering and Technology was today (see entry on Dec 18th and  http://www.ctet.gov.bd/)

This is the first of 6 workshops delivered to 3rd and 4th year students aiming to introduce them to the principles of textile design. 3 groups of 32 students will take part and each group will do 2 day workshops. We will be teaching colour, pattern and placement for textile design and have based the workshops on the Design Toolbox brief from the Textile Design course at University College Falmouth (a big thank you to Di and Hannah for helping us plan these!)

A stong group of 29 boys and 3 girls joined the first workshop. We gave an introductory presentation about our work and the reason we are here and then went on to talk about colour palettes.  The initial start was hesitant no doubt because they are unfamiliar with paint and brushes as a way of recording their thinking, but after a short time the students were enthusiastically making colour palettes, some of them very very successfully! We were impressed by the hard working and positive attitude and their excellent manners. We all left looking forward to the second workshop on pattern and placement next week.

I was also shown the hand loom I could be working on and was surprised to find out it was a fully working 120cm sari production width loom! See pictures below to get a better idea.



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2 responses to “1st colour workshop at CTET

  1. Joseph

    Ismini and Garry, your fans are reading your blog feverishly ! It seems like you guys are experiencing some exciting new stuff !
    Merry Christmas and Happy 2010 !

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