Visit to Aranya Crafts Ltd

Earlier today we visited Aranya Crafts showroom and production centre. Aranya specialises in natural dyes and all the products are hand woven, dyed, printed and embroidered. We were met by Ruby Ghuznavi who showed us round the production facility where we saw indigo dyeing, block printing and wax resist printing.

Aranya was set up in 1990 after Ruby had done extensive work in reviving natural dyeing in Bangladesh. We were impressed by the integrity of the making process and Ruby’s commitment to working with women and helping them develop their lives through their craft skills. Aranya is also committed to educational projects and offer workshops on natural dyeing and printing.

We spent the whole day at Aranya and took hundreds of photographs, see the flickr site for more!

to see Aranya products visit



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2 responses to “Visit to Aranya Crafts Ltd

  1. Karin Hazelkorn

    Your website, photos, and blogs are a wonderful resource. I appreciate your thoroughness in documentation and reading your insights. I am currenty in India visiting textile artisans and will be in Dhaka from February 1-6, doing the same.

    Is there a contact number where I may get in touch with you? My number in Dhaka is 8912 425. Cell phone numbers are +91 (0) 99 991 14031, and +1 650 799 4943


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