travelling to Dhaka

we got to Dhaka this morning at 11 after what felt like a very long day and night

somehow the nights sleep didn’t happen but we took the opportunity to catch up on a few films (the new Ice Age is a must!)

we flew with Emirates from London Heathrow via Dubai and I thing we passed over Athens on the way! The plane was the biggest double decker we have ever flown in and we felt like kings even in economy (imagine what happens upstairs!)

we stopped at Dubai for over 3 hours and even though it was the middle of the night all the shops were buzzing as if it were day time. Dubai airport have their own tropical garden but no smoking area apart from a tiny stained room about half an hours walk from the main area. and I was so desperate I did the walk but was put off by the thick fog in the tiny room.

the second flight was a contrast, a very busy plane with lots of people going home to Dhaka, and carrrying everything with them, shopping bags, pampers, babies, all in a beautifully bundled way.


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